Yarra’s food and garden organic (FOGO) collection commences the week of 1 July

Wednesday 19 June 2024

A man holds open a FOGO bin ready to tip in his food waste

From 1 July, residents and businesses who receive a bin collection service from council will have their new lime-green lidded FOGO bin collected weekly.

Yarra City Council has introduced a new kerbside waste stream for food and garden organic (FOGO) waste.

Commencing from 1 July, residents can expect their new lime-green lidded bins to be collected weekly on the same day that your rubbish bin is collected. Collection frequency for residents in the Abbotsford alternate collections area remain unchanged.

If you are unsure of your bin collection date, you can check this on our website here.

Your FOGO waste is collected and sent to RepurposeIT. At their facility, it is made into valuable compost that is used by farmers and landscapers to replenish soil and grow local produce. This will substantially reduce your waste going to landfill.

Making sure that your FOGO bins are free from contamination is key to making sure each collection is reducing our impact on the climate, building Victoria’s circular economy and create a valuable product to restore our environment.

Here are some tips to reduce your FOGO contamination:

  • Only place food scraps (including looseleaf tea and ground coffee) and garden organics into your FOGO bin
  • Place products labelled as ‘compostable’, ‘bio-degradable’ or degradable into your rubbish bin (without regulation we can’t be sure that they’re truly compatible with the composting process)
  • Dispose of tea bags into your rubbish bin, as these can be made with plastic
  • Dispose of any plastic wrapping, fruit stickers, or rubber bands before placing food in your FOGO bin

For more information on Yarra's new FOGO collection service, click here.


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