Yarra City Council resolves to push for Councils to keep their planning powers

Thursday 18 May 2023

An aerial image of the suburb of Burnley

Last night, Yarra City Council supported a motion to commence an advocacy program to State Government ensuring that any considerations to reduce or diminish council planning powers is avoided and extensive consultation with the sector is conducted before reform decisions are made.

Council is concerned over reports that a reform package to streamline and fast track developments may be reconsidered by the State Government to address the housing crisis.

Taking planning powers away from councils removes the voice of community who deserve to have a say in what directly affects their homes and shapes their municipality.

According to data collected by the Department of Transport and Planning, local governments have approved more than 85% of planning applications in the current financial year with refusals only making up about 3% of total applications. Specifically, Yarra City Council refusals only make up 2% of all planning applications received.

Council plan to reaffirm that local governments are best placed to make planning decisions for their communities due to their extensive and nuanced knowledge of local areas and will act in the best interests of current and future residents.

Any proposed changes to planning powers should be done in direct consultation with the local government sector.

Read the Council Meeting agenda / Council Meeting Minutes.


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