Resolutions and other motions from the 16 May 2023 Council Meeting

Wednesday 17 May 2023

At Tuesday night’s Council Meeting, Council endorsed:

  • The award of Street Sweeping Services contract C1627 to Spotless Services Pty Ltd. 

Council resolved to:

  • Formally consider the outcomes of the pre-trial study that explores the proposal to extend the existing 30km/h speed limit trial in parts of Fitzroy and Collingwood later in 2023. 
  • Note the progress made against the Year 1 Yarra Moves Action Plan 2022-24.

Council heard the following reports:  

  • Governance Report – May 2023
  • Annual Plan Progress and Financial Report Third Quarter 2023     
  • E-scooter trial update
  • Delegates’ reports for the Yarra Energy Foundation 
  • Delegates’ reports for Yarra’s Heritage Advisory Committee

Notices of Motion: 

  • Council unanimously decided that a report concerning the provision and regulation of short stays in the City of Yarra would be provided to a Councillor Workshop.

Other agenda items and more details about the above items can be viewed in the Council Meeting minutes, available online from Friday 19 May.


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