Keep your pet safe this summer

Monday 12 December 2022

A wire-haired dachshund dog basks in the sun while sitting in a camp chair in the outdoors. It is wearing sunglasses and a Hawaiian lei.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for many of us, with summer, school holidays and Santa on his way.

But it’s also a time to take extra care of the furriest members of your family. 

Christmas treats 

In the season of giving, it’s hard to say no to puppy dog eyes when you’re enjoying a special family meal or BBQ. Food that’s OK for humans to eat can sometimes be toxic to pets. Foods to keep away from Fido include, but are not limited to:  

  • raisins, sultanas and grapes
  • cooked bones 
  • onion
  • sweets, especially those containing chocolate or nutmeg 
  • avocado.

The RSPCA has compiled a handy list of tips with more information about food safety and how to avoid other Christmas-time hazards. 

Summer heat 

Hot weather can be dangerous for pets if they are unable to stay cool. Ways to help:

  • Ensuring your pet has access to drinking water at all times.
  • If your pet is outside, make sure there is shade available for them.
  • Never leave your pet unattended inside a parked car. 

Fireworks and thunderstorms 

New Year’s Eve fireworks and even the loud crack of thunder during a storm can distress pets and leads to frightened pets fleeing their properties every year.

Make sure your pets are secure at home and double-check their security if they are to be left alone on New Year’s Eve.

How to plan for your pets if going away over the holidays

Travel is finally back on the agenda! Planning with pets is key. Take some time to consider whether you will take your pet on holiday with you or not. Make sure your pet is microchipped, registered, is wearing its tag and that their details are up to date – whether they are coming on the trip or not. 

If you do choose to take your pet with you, make sure you bring plenty of supplies. If you are leaving your pet at home, it’s best to have someone stay with them in their familiar environment. Find out more with these tips from the RSPCA

Bringing a new pet into the family

Many families choose the summer holidays to bring a new furry friend to their home. The RSPCA has a guide for planning for a new pet and a great guide for teaching children how to interact with pets safely

Find more information and resources about responsible pet ownership on our pets and animals page.


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