Resolutions and other motions from this week's council meeting - 23 August

Thursday 25 August 2022

At Tuesday night’s Council meeting, Council endorsed:

  • The City of Yarra Heritage Advisory Committee.

Council adopted:

  • Changes to the Governance Rules including:
     - provisions to allow extra time for people requiring additional assistance to speak at council meetings (e.g. people needing the support of a translator)--
     - introducing a process for the receipt of electronic petitions
     - clearer language and definitions.

    That Council schedule a Council meeting for 7pm on Monday 28 November 2022 for the purpose of:
      - establishing the governance arrangements for the next Mayoral term
      - electing a Mayor and, if applicable, a Deputy Mayor for the agreed term
      - appointing Councillors to advisory committees and external organisations; and
      - establishing the Council meeting schedule for 2023.

Other agenda items and  more details can be viewed in the Council Meeting minutes, available online from Friday 26 August.

Yarra’s next Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 13 September at 7pm.


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