Resolutions and other motions from this week's Council Meeting - 12 July 2022

Wednesday 13 July 2022

At Tuesday night’s Council Meeting, Council adopted the following:

Council endorsed: 

  • New members of the Environment Advisory Committee
  • Civic Flag Policy and Community Flag Schedule
  • Road discontinuance in Brighton Street, Richmond
  • Appointment of authorised officers under the Planning and Environment Act 1987    

Delegates’ reports: 

  • A delegates’ report was presented to Council on the Metropolitan Local Government Waste Forum.
  • A delegates’ report was presented to Council on the Rainbow Advisory Committee. 
  • A delegates’ report and notice of motion was presented to Council committing Council to signing the Edinburgh Declaration on a post 2020 biodiversity framework.

Other agenda items and more details about the above resolutions can be viewed in the Council Meeting minutes, available online from Friday 15 July. Yarra’s next Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 2 August at 7pm.


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