Resolutions and other motions from this week's Council Meeting – 31 May 2022

Wednesday 01 June 2022

At Tuesday night’s Council Meeting, Council endorsed the following:

  • The revised design of the Brunswick Street Oval sporting and community facilities upgrade. 
  • The new Yarra Moves Physical Activity Action Plan 2022-2024. 
  • Additional funding to Save the Children Australia to support the delivery of the Cubbies Program at the Fitzroy Adventure Playground site. 
  • To lodge a submission to Melbourne Airport relating to their proposal for a third runway.
  • A community consultation process as part of the Governance rules review 2022.    

 Delegates’ reports: 

  • A delegates’ report was presented to Council on the Heritage Advisory Committee.

Other agenda items and more details about the above resolutions can be viewed in the Council Meeting minutes, available online from Friday 3 June.

Yarra’s next Council Meeting is scheduled for Thursday 23 June at 7pm.


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