Resolutions and other motions from this week's council meeting - 10 May

Wednesday 11 May 2022

At Tuesday night’s council meeting, Council endorsed the following:

  • The Draft Sportsgrounds and Facilities Allocations Policy (2022), noting that an annual report be presented to Councillors for the first three years the Policy is in place.
  • The following motions for submission to the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) State Council:

(a) Greater funding to support the transition to a circular economy; and

 (b) To advocate to the State Government for stronger guidelines around the installation of new wood heaters in built up metropolitan areas through the planning process, including the ability to not allow them.

  • That Council reaffirms its various 25 January 2022 resolutions regarding the Richmond Housing Estate and reiterates its request for the State Government to establish a precinct structure plan for North Richmond “to holistically plan for the North Richmond area in future to both revitalise the area and better meet the needs of the current and future community.”
  • That Council will continue to advocate to the Minister for Planning and Housing, through the Council Alliance for a Sustainable Built Environment (CASBE) for changes to the Planning Scheme to include zero carbon developments. 

Other agenda items and more details about the above resolutions can be viewed in the council meeting minutes, available online from Friday 13 May.

Yarra’s next council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 31 May at 7pm.



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