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Thursday 05 May 2022

Do you live in Yarra and have an interest in heritage?

A heritage multi-level brick building with a slightly cloudy sky.

Expressions of interest are now open to join our Heritage Advisory Committee as the term of the current committee expires on 30 June 2022.

We're seeking applications from Yarra residents with:

  • demonstrated interest in and knowledge of local heritage matters
  • a high capacity for strategic thinking
  • a strong understanding of the Yarra context and community
  • skills in, and a strong track record of,  working collaboratively, and
  • availability to attend meetings.

Anyone with an interest is encouraged to apply, particularly young people. There are two places reserved on the committee for applicants aged 30 years and under and one of these is currently vacant. 

We also want representation from across Yarra's neighbourhoods and encourage applications Fairfield and Alphington.

Meetings are held every two months, outside of business hours, at Richmond or Collingwood town halls. For the past three years, meetings were held online to manage COVID-19 restrictions. Onsite meetings are likely to resume. Meetings run for two hours and additional meetings may be held as required. The committee has up to 12 community members, with tenure of four years.

Apply now

Applications close at 5pm, Friday 27 May, 2022.

What is the Heritage Advisory Committee?

The Heritage Advisory Committee:

  • provides advice to the council on strategic heritage matters
  • supports promotion of local heritage
  • raises awareness about heritage issues
  • presents the views of residents, groups and professionals with an interest in heritage matters to the council, and
  • contributes to the implementation of the Heritage Strategy.

The Terms of Reference (PDF) provides all the details.

The committee comprises of 12 members, including one representative from the National Trust.

Find out more about the Heritage Advisory Committee

You can also contact Richa Swarup, Senior Advisor City Heritage, on 9205 5555. 


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