Your recycling questions, answered

Sunday 17 January 2021

Young boy and girl separating glass from plastic items using purple and yellow recycling bins

Since introducing the purple bin for recycling glass in Yarra we’ve received a few questions on how (and why) our recycling has changed.

We want to use waste as a resource instead of sending it overseas. This is why we’re only collecting materials, that are high quality and we know can be used again to make something new.

To help remove any confusion here are your top five recycling questions, answered.

1. Can I recycle this?

We know recycling can be confusing, so we’ve created new tools and information to let you know which items can go in your bins. If it can’t be recycled using your household bins, we can recommend the next best thing!

First, you can also download a copy of our new bin collection posters to remind you what can and can’t go in each bin.

Second, check out our A to Z of Waste and Recycling Guide.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, send us a picture and describe the item and we’d be happy to let you know if it can be recycled, and what to do.

2. How often will my recycling be collected?

We are still doing weekly recycling collections, alternating between your purple glass bin and yellow recycling bin on different weeks.

Your rubbish bin will still be collected every week.

If you want to help remembering which bins to put out each week, you can also sign up to receive SMS reminders the night before your bin collection day

3. Where can I find my new bin collection calendar?

A new bin collection calendar has been distributed to all households and businesses who use our waste and recycling service.

From Monday 23 November the City of Yarra was divided into ten bin collection zones. You can check which zone you live in and download a copy of your new bin collection calendar online.

If you live in the Abbotsford four-bin trial area please continue to use your pre-existing bin collection calendar.

4. Can I change the size of my bin?

Yes, if you need a bigger bin for glass or other recycling we can swap you over to a larger bin free of charge.

You can request a larger rubbish bin on a temporary basis if you have:

  • Four or more adults residing in one house
  • Children in nappies
  • A person with a medical condition which results in additional waste

You can contact us to request a smaller glass bin or you can choose to share a glass bin with your neighbour.

Request a larger or smaller bin

5. Why can we no longer put plastics labelled 1 and 2 (other than plastic bottles 1 and 2) in the yellow recycling bin?

We’re being strict about what you can recycle in your yellow-lidded bin as we’re only collecting plastic we know can be recycled here in Australia.

It can be confusing as some containers that have the traditional recycling symbol can’t currently be recycled, or aren’t accepted by local manufacturers. For this reason, we can only accept bottles made from plastics 1 and 2 and other containers made from plastic 5.

To check what type of plastic the item is made from look for the triangle with the number inside – looks like this ♻ and it’s usually on the bottom of the item.

Still have questions?

If you have other questions that you’d like use to answer you can visit our Help Centre, email us at or phone 03 9205 5555.

We also have information available in these community languages: Arabic, Greek, Italian, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Somali Spanish, Somali and Vietnamese.


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