Our recycling changes from 23 November. Get ready to join the revolution!

Monday 09 November 2020

Yarra recycling revolution logo, featuring line drawing of scrunched up plastic bottle and glass beer bottle, on purple/yellow background

Now that Yarra has a purple-lidded bin for glass recycling, and we’re working with a local recycling processor, it’s time to get ready for our recycling to change.

From 23 November you can begin separating glass items using your new purple-lidded bin. This will help us improve the quality of what we collect, and use what’s thrown out to make something new.

You now have three bins to sort your waste and recycling: a purple-lidded bin for glass, a yellow-lidded bin for other recycling, and a red or dark-green lidded bin for rubbish.

Not all glass or plastics can be recycled, so it’s important you update your recycling know-how.

What do I need to do?

Something simple we can all do to save waste, is to separate it into the right bin, at its source.

From Monday 23 November, we’re asking everyone using our recycling service to:

  1. Separate glass jars and bottles from other recycling 
    You can put glass jars and bottles that are empty, clean and have the lids off in your purple-lidded glass bin.
  2. Check which plastics can go in your recycling bin
    Only plastic bottles labelled 1 and 2 and plastic food packaging labelled 5 can go in your yellow-lidded recycling bin.
  3. Put your recycling and glass bins out fortnightly on alternating weeks
    Check your calendar to confirm which zone you are in, or sign up for our bin collection SMS service to receive reminders.

We know this change may take a while to get used to, so we’ve created new tools and information to help sort your recycling right.

You should have received a Revolution Kit with your bin, which has everything you need to know to sort your recycling right. If you’ve misplaced it you can also download a copy on our Recycling Revolution page.

New bin collection zones and calendar

From Monday 23 November your bin collection frequency will change, so that:

  • Your rubbish bin will be collected every week
  • Your yellow-lidded recycling bin will be collected every second week
  • Your purple-lidded glass bin will be collected on the alternate second week

Your bins will still be collected on the same day they currently are, but you will need to check your new bin collection map and calendar to confirm which bins go out each week.

We know this change may take a while to get used to, so we’ve developed a new bin collection SMS service to send you reminders the night before your bin collection day.

Sign up for BIN collection reminders

How to recycle glass

The glass we collect in your purple-lidded bin are sent to a local recycling processor. Then, it's broken down and used to make new glass products such as bottles, jars and even to re-surface roads.

However, different types of glass melt at different temperatures, and so can’t all be recycled. Drinking glasses and other household glass should all go in your rubbish bin. 

More tips on how to recycle glass using your purple-lidded bin, including a full list of what can and can’t go in this bin.

How to use your yellow-lidded bin

You can still place materials such as clean paper, cardboard, plastic water bottles and metal items in your yellow-lidded bin, but which plastics we can accept has changed. This is because we’re only collecting materials that we know can be processed and recycled locally.

Items such as drink cartons – including milk, juice, soy milk and stock cartons – as well as plastic lids and some plastic containers will no longer be accepted.

If your bin is contaminated (has the wrong items inside), we will let you know by putting a sticker on your bin. Then you’ll need to remove the item before we can empty your bin.

More tips on how to recycle using your yellow-lidded bin, including a full list of what can and can’t go in this bin.

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