Fitzroy North Local Area Placemaking: update

Tuesday 22 October 2019

Last year we consulted the community about some changes we could make to better manage traffic in Fitzroy North. We prepared a Local Area Place Making (LAPM) plan for your neighbourhood based on the community feedback we received as well as a thorough, independent traffic analysis.

As part of the plan, we will be undertaking two median island trials, beginning early 2020:

  • Holden Street to stop right-turns in and out of Brunswick Street North and Dean Street.
  • Miller Street, at the intersection between Rae Street and White Street.

The trials will be evaluated over a six-month period. The current trial of right hand turn bans into Brunswick Street North from Holden Street will end in December 2019.

Timeline: Proposed median islands trial

  • Now (October/November2019): We provide Department of Transport (DoT) with a detailed report on the proposed median trial, so they can assess how it will impact other roads. This report will include the traffic analysis. We will also share the report with other stakeholders, including the Yarra community and Moreland City Council.
  • Late 2019 (approximately):  DoT will provide us with feedback on the proposed trial median islands, which may include additional factors to consider. We will also receive feedback on our proposals to close the laneway west of Rae Street, just below York Street, and a partial road closure off Rae Street with no exit to Alexandra Parade.
  • Late 2019 – Early 2020: We will let you know about any updates to the proposed trial.
  • Early 2020: Councillors will review a further report on the proposed trial at a Council Meeting, together with feedback from DoT, results of the right-turn bans trial from Brunswick Street North into Holden Street and any further submissions from the community, then decide whether or not to proceed with the trial median islands.
  • Early 2020: If endorsed by Yarra, we will begin constructing the trial median islands. The trial of the islands is expected to be for six months.
  • Mid 2020: We will evaluate the median island trial. This will include looking at how effective it is, how it impacts traffic, and community views. Council will consider a report on the results of the trial at a Council Meeting.

Right hand turn bans into Brunswick Street North from Holden Street

We have been trialling right turn bans into Brunswick Street North from Holden Street during peak times (7am – 9:30am, and 4pm – 6:30pm Monday to Friday). 
This trial will be ending in December 2019.

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