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Wednesday 25 September 2019

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After just four months, our waste and recycling trial in Abbotsford has seen a 71% increase in waste being composted and recycled.

Back in June about 1,300 Abbotsford households joined the Yarra Waste Revolution, sorting their food and green waste, glass, recycling and rubbish into four separate bins.

This trailblazing trial has now seen a dramatic reduction in waste going to landfill. Households in the trial area are now diverting about 60% of their waste from landfill (up from 35% before).

In the waste and recycling collections since the trial started in early June, we have collected:

  • 33.3 tonnes of regular recycling
  • 22.3 tonnes of glass
  • 49.7 tonnes of food and green waste

And over 90% of residents are putting the right things into the right bins.

What’s happening to the recycling?

Food and green waste is now being composted and the glass is being turned into new glass bottles. Low-quality glass will be used for road resurfacing across Yarra.

The separate glass collection is also boosting the quality of the other recycling we collect, which can be contaminated by glass fragments when it’s all collected together.

The paper, cardboard, plastic and cans collected as part of the trial are all being processed in Australia, with most of it being turned into new products here in Victoria:

  • Paper is turned into egg cartons and apple trays.
  • Cardboard is turned back into cardboard and cardboard packaging.
  • PET bottles are turned into new PET bottles.
  • Aluminium cans become new aluminium cans.
  • Steel tins are turned into new steel.
  • Milk bottles are turned into CHEP plastic pallets.
  • Plastic bottles of laundry and kitchen products are turned into new bottles for these products.

This trial will last for about 12 months and then we’ll consider expanding the service throughout Yarra.

I’m not in the trial area, what can I do?

Household recyclables in Yarra are being collected and processed as usual so please keep recycling and putting your bins out for collection.

If you want to separate your glass jars and bottles (no lids) and bring them to our Clifton Hill recycling drop-off centre for processing locally you can do this.

You can also play your part by being mindful of the products you buy and the amount of waste you generate.

We also need to recycle the right way to reduce contamination in our bins. Read more tips for recycling right in Yarra. You can also help by choosing products made with recycled materials.

Just over 50% of the average waste (garbage) bin is food and garden waste. Find out how you can help reduce your household’s food waste, plus Sustainability Victoria has more tips.

We also have a number of recycling drop off points in Yarra where you can recycle items not collected in your recycling bin. Read more about this service and find the locations.


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