Trial results after two months

Thursday 08 August 2019


The Yarra Waste Revolution has now been going for two months and we have some data to share about the results.

When the trial started in June, residents in parts of Abbotsford were asked to separate their food and green waste from their landfill waste, and separate their glass from their other recycling.

We supplied residents with two new bins, a plastic crate for glass and a food and green waste bin.

In the waste and recycling collections since Tuesday 11 June, we have collected:

  • 28.46 tonnes of food and organic waste
  • 19.40 tonnes of recycling
  • 11.26 tonnes of glass.

You can see this represented in the graph above. In the graph above, the:

  • green line is the food and green waste collected for composting
  • purple line is the glass collected for recycling
  • yellow line is the recycling collected
  • red line is the waste collected for landfill.

We will keep sharing this information as the trial continues.

Read more about the Yarra Waste Revolution in Abbotsford (information for residents of the trial area).

Read more about waste and recycling in Yarra for residents outside the trial. 




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