Meet Louis, a Yarra revolutionary

Wednesday 26 June 2019

Woman, dog and man sitting outside a house next to recycling bins
Louis Boyle-Bryant is just like you! He’s a Yarra revolutionary, participating in our Victorian-first changes to how we collect your waste and recycling.

Louis has been living in Abbotsford since February, when he moved here to start his postgraduate course at Melbourne uni.

For Louis and his housemates, the biggest change so far in the Yarra Waste Revolution has been the crate for glass: “Everyone in my house is used to having a bin that goes out on the street, so the crate has taken a little getting used to.”

But Louis is happy to get behind all the changes: “We send far too much waste to landfill, so the more we can reduce or repurpose the better. I also think there’s a really strong impetus right now to act on issues like waste that have such an obvious impact on our greenhouse gas emissions and our ecosystems, and changing the way we recycle is a step in the right direction.

“I think it’s a great initiative … I’d love to see it rolled out across [Yarra],” says Louis.

“The best part of this program has been getting to see how others across the trial area have responded to the scheme.”

Louis would love to see more local businesses get involved in the revolution, however they can: “I’d love to see some engagement from local shops and businesses … promoting less-waste intensive alternatives to everyday purchases [and] making it easier to avoid plastics and other non-recyclables. Reducing waste starts at the source!”

If you’d like to help us tell the world about the Yarra Waste Revolution, please email and we'll chat more about how you might be able to help.


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