Room to Create Update

Friday 22 March 2019

Image of girl sitting on a blue tennis court
Image credit: Atlanta Eke’s ‘The Tennis Piece’, (2018-19). Photo by Tim Birnie

The City of Yarra values the creativity that exists in our city and we want to make sure it continues to be an essential part of our neighbourhoods into the future. In a rapidly changing landscape, we recognised the need to take action to keep creative spaces available and affordable.

We are now actively supporting artists to stay in our city by providing grants and spaces.

In 2014 Council established the Room to Create Fund with the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation as a way to provide ongoing creative infrastructure grants to arts organisations needing extra support to do fit outs, get planning advice, or anything else related to affordable creative spaces.

This fund, held at arms-length from Council, is designed to provide grants to arts organisations in Yarra in perpetuity. Our aim is to grow the fund to $1m to enable a significant level of giving. The Room to Create Fund has grown to $407,000 as of 2019. If you wish to help keep artists in Yarra make a one-off tax deductible donation or become a regular donor.

Read more about participating artists and arts tenants in our March 2019 update. 


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