Supporting our Multicultural Community

Thursday 14 March 2019

In Yarra, we are proud of our diverse community and the unique character it brings to the area. We are committed to celebrating diversity and providing support to newly arrived residents.

People from multicultural communities should feel valued, included and respected. We also want to ensure that they have equal opportunities to lead and take part in the Yarra community. 

To support this, we are working on a Multicultural Partnerships Plan. 

We have set out some clear and measurable goals, like:

Creating Opportunities – build relationships to support learning and employment opportunities for multicultural communities. 

Safe Places and Spaces – ensure that spaces in Yarra are accessible and liveable.

Leadership and Partnerships – develop partnerships, eradicate racism, and acknowledge our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage.

We are now seeking feedback from you on our draft plan. If the cultural diversity of Yarra is something you value then please read the plan in full and have your say.

Feedback closes Thursday 4 April.



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