Accessibility improvements at the Corner Hotel

Sunday 10 February 2019

More people with disability are able to enjoy the Corner Hotel’s famous live music and hospitality thanks to recent accessibility improvements.

Group General Manager Rod Smith explains that installing a lift to their upstairs beer garden was just the first step in their journey. “Since then, accessibility has always been at the forefront of our minds,” he says.

Ryan Smith is a wheelchair user and founder of Freewheel Weekends, an online directory reviewing the wheelchair accessibility of hospitality hot-spots in Melbourne. “Physical spaces are becoming more and more accessible in terms of mobility,” he says.“We’re now getting to a stage where we need to focus on attitudinal changes. Invisible disabilities require more awareness and sensitivity and there’s always room for improvement.”

The Corner Hotel now provides accessibility training to its staff so they are equipped with a better understanding of a range of disabilities.

The accessibility improvements at the Corner were supported with funding from our Room to Create Responsive Grants program. 

“We’re in the process of commissioning custom communication boards for non-verbal customers and we’re looking to introduce relaxed performances in the band room” says Assistant Venue Manager Georgie Martin.

The venue also recently improved the accessibility of its website and introduced large-text menus in dining areas.

“Embracing accessibility improvements opens up a whole sector of the community to feel welcome and included in your space, which can also benefit your patronage,” Georgie says.

“Accessibility at the Corner isn’t perfect,” Rod admits, “but we’re learning and improving to make our service better for people of all abilities.”

The Good Access is Good Business project is about ensuring that everyone in our community is able to enjoy our vibrant shopping strips, including people living with disability.

For more information, contact our Aged and Disability Services team on 9205 5555 or email


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