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Tuesday 05 February 2019

fitzroy painting

We talk to Adriane Strampp about her business Fitzroy Painting, a long-running Fitzroy business celebrating its tenth birthday this month. Adriane has two business partners, and all three are professional artists as well as teachers. (Adriane pictured with partners Kez Hughes and John Neeson above.)

As artists first and foremost, the business began as a side hustle. She says, "I began the classes ten years ago when the GFC hit Australia as a way to supplement my studio rent. It was an 8-week beginners course but I found at the end of the course no one wanted to leave, and others were keen to join." She feels their success is due to "growing organically and paying attention to detail. We started small and listened to our students, slowly increasing the number and variety of classes and workshops as demand grew. We've maintained both a sense of community and our core values of delivering solid painting foundations."

It also helps that Adriane and her business partners are experienced as both artists and teachers. They met through the teaching and professional arts circuits, and had taught at institutes such as VCA, the Ian Potter Conservation Centre at Melbourne University and Melbourne Polytechnic. They also include speciality courses with guest teachers including, she says, "the current Archibald Prize winner Yvette Coppersmith, who takes portrait classes with us."

Perhaps due to their quality teaching and diverse offering, she says they "have a large number of students who have been at the studio for many years, many of whom now exhibit professionally, and socialise outside of class. Teaching is rewarding, and we take pride in our students achievements."

And it doesn't hurt to be in a great area. "We love being in the heart of Fitzroy and feel very much a part of the local community. Our heritage Victorian building has a long history of housing artists studios, it's a beautiful space with high ceilings and old Baltic floorboards with spectacular views." 

Adriane also loves their local eats. She says, "Alimentari is our morning 'office', and the hidden rooftop a great place for a late afternoon spritz. For the students we love finding new cheeses at Casa Iberica (hello sheep's milk with truffles!), and cakes from Fatto a Mano, their ricotta cake is to die for. Wine Republic supplies a great range of wines and friendly advice."

Visit Fitzroy Painting online.


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