New website for cycle routes in Melbourne

Tuesday 27 November 2018

A group of people on bikes riding up a hill. The trail is surrounded by native trees.

Navigating the extensive network of local bike paths just got easier, thanks to a new website dedicated to celebrating cycling.

The new website, created by Yarra’s University of the Third Age (U3A) On Yer Bike cycling group, includes maps and detailed information on all of the group’s favourite rides in Melbourne, which they have compiled over the last five years. There is also information on regional rides in country Victoria, which the group has compiled during twice-yearly cycling trips.

On Yer Bike is made up of members aged 50 and over, and their rides are designed to accommodate cyclists of all levels of fitness and experience. The group’s priority is friendliness, helpfulness and fun.

Most of the Melbourne rides start and finish near train stations, and avoid major roads and traffic. Their detailed descriptions also include coffee shop recommendations, sight-seeing and other useful tips for each ride.

“What matters is that people realise that there are cycling opportunities out there,” said Penny Wightwick, who is one of the group leaders and helps plan weekly rides, “if we inspire people to do something then that’s what matters.”

The website is a way for the group to share their enjoyment of cycling with the broader Melbourne community, and encourage new people to get involved. 

“One of the best things about the group is we’re always finding new places that we didn’t know existed,” says Bob Morrow, another long-term member of the group. 

“There is a beautiful sense of peace as you ride – it just raises your spirits,” said Penny.

Along with the detailed ride information the website includes specific information for people over 50 who may be returning to cycling, including choosing the right bike and bike maintenance, information for taking your bike on public transport and how to find a cycling group in your local area. 

Find a ride near you and start cycling this summer. 



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