Annual Local Government Performance Results

Wednesday 31 October 2018

Yarra residents are among the most satisfied in inner-city Melbourne when it comes to Council decisions, consultation and engagement, according to a new report from the State Government.

Seven in 10 residents (69%) said they are satisfied with Yarra’s community consultation and engagement, compared with the state average of 56%.

A similar number (67%) said they are satisfied with Yarra City Council decisions – outranking the state average of 54%.

The annual Local Government Performance Reporting Framework (LGPRF) looks at the performance of Victorian councils. It aims to improve transparency and accountability of all councils, and assesses performance across a range of services and functions.

Yarra Council also received strong results in many other areas, particularly roads, food safety, aquatic facilities and libraries.

To view the full results for Yarra and other councils, visit the Know Your Council website.


Yarra's highlights from Local Government Performance Reporting Framework

In 2017/18 Yarra excelled in a number of areas, including:

  • The community expressed a high level of support for Council’s consultation, engagement and decision making.
  • Satisfaction with Council’s community engagement practices scored well at 69%, compared with 60% for similar metropolitan councils and 56% for all Victorian councils.
  • Satisfaction with Council decisions also scored strongly at 67%, compared to 59% and 54% for similar councils and all councils respectively.
  • Community satisfaction with local roads was excellent, scoring 72%, compared to 67% for similar councils and 55% for all councils.
  • 99.06% of sealed local roads were maintained to the required standards.
  • One in 5 (21%) of our community members are active library users, compared with 16% of the whole state.
  • Visits to Yarra’s library services have increased by 38% in 2017/18 with the opening of our new Bargoonga Nganjin Library facility in Fitzroy.
  • Yarra’s three local swimming pools received excellent results in both safety and patronage. On average, residents of Yarra visited local swimming pools more than 9 times (9.14 per head of municipal population), compared to 7.07 for similar and 5.10 for all councils.
  • Yarra’s scores for food safety services, including inspection and monitoring of food serving businesses, were excellent across the board, with Yarra taking less time to action food complaints than other councils. 100% of the required food safety assessments were undertaken.
  • Council planning decisions that were challenged at VCAT were upheld in 77.45% of cases, compared with 61% of all state councils. 58% of planning permit applications were decided within the required time frames in 2017/18: a 5% improvement on the previous year.
  • Yarra is tracking well in all measured aspects of animal management, taking 1.89 days to action requests, compared with 2.28 days and 2.19 days for similar and all councils respectively.
  • The cost of delivering animal management services per registered animal is also lower in Yarra than similar and all councils, at $55.04 compared to $57.21 and $59.95 respectively.


Council delivers more than 185 services and programs that help people and communities.
Here’s a snapshot of some of the key services Yarra provides: 
  • Capital Works planning and project delivery including buildings, roads, footpaths and drains
  • Street cleaning, waste management and minimisation
  • Family, Youth and Children’s Services
  • Leisure Services
  • Arts, cultural and community events and venue hire
  • Compliance and local laws
  • Parking and traffic management
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Construction Management
  • Aged and Disability Services
  • Buildings, Property and Asset Management
  • Strategic land use planning and policy, urban design and economic development
  • Environmental sustainability advocacy and policy
  • Strategic Transport advocacy, planning and infrastructure
  • Library Services
  • Statutory Planning

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