Cremorne Place Implementation Plan

Thursday 13 September 2018

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Council welcomes the state government’s acknowledgement of the important and special role that Cremorne plays in Yarra and Melbourne. 
For many years, we have seen the value of protecting and retaining key employment precincts in Yarra, such as Cremorne and the Gipps Precinct. Cremorne has developed over many decades and is maturing into a significant economic precinct based around the creative and high-tech businesses that have been attracted to precinct. 
Cremorne will continue to grow and evolve. The announcement of a Cremorne Place Implementation Plan will enable us, in partnership with the Victorian Planning Authority, to work with the local resident and business community to plan for the future of the precinct and address issues already raised by the community including transport, car parking, open space and public realm improvements.
At this time, we are working with the VPA are working together to further define the scope of work. Further information will be provided on our website as it becomes available.


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