Waste and recycle bins at commercial properties

Monday 16 July 2018

There is a new baseline kerbside waste collection allowance for all commercial properties to align it with residential properties. Now both commercial and residential properties will have an 80 litre waste bin collected weekly and an 120 litre recycle bin collected weekly.

The kerbside service provided to commercial properties  is only to be used for waste materials generated from staff lunchrooms and bathrooms. Please note that we do not provide commercial properties with a service to collect waste that is generated from business activities.

Existing commercial properties that are currently receiving a Council waste collection in excess of the baseline allowance will no longer receive replacements for their larger bins. As the larger 240 waste bins are damaged or stolen they will be replaced with an 80 litre waste bin.

Larger recycling bins will still be available for suitable commercial properties.

Visit our business waste collection page for more information.


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