Business profile: I am that Yoga

Tuesday 09 January 2018

I am that yoga

We talk to Victoria Csarmann of I Am That Yoga, a brand new studio in Collingwood. Although the venue opened in February, I Am That Yoga isn't an entirely new brand and Victoria isn't a new business owner. She explains, "I Am That – Yoga, has been around for almost a year, and is the Australian extension of my first yoga company, The Om Revolution Mobile Yoga in South Africa (launched in 2014)."

"It morphed from a convenient and affordable mobile yoga service, through to yoga products and mats, and finally culminating in the opening of a space in Collingwood where everyone can find their Yoga."

With fitness and health on the rise in Yarra, we ask what sets this new studio apart. Victoria is determined to create a studio where everyone feels welcome. She says, "Having been on the road with our products for nearly a year, my partner Sébastien and I realized that there were a lot of people in Melbourne who felt like Yoga wasn’t for them because they weren’t skinny, flexible or wealthy enough. We really want to change that. The goal of the studio is to be inclusive, with classes varied for level and age, with affordable pricing. "

As the owner of a successful and constantly morphing business, Victoria shares her biggest challenge; "Managing our own expectations! We desperately wanted everything to be finished and perfect from day 1, and both Sébastien and I are very hard on ourselves when something slips through the cracks."

"We are more than a month in now and so far from finished or perfect, but SURPRISE!!!! Everything is fine. Most of the time you are your own worst critic and that often gets in the way of enjoying the journey!" 

The best advice she ever received in starting her business? "In business NOTHING is personal, so NEVER take it personally". 

I Am That Yoga Studio is open now in Collingwood


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