Business profile: The A Life

Tuesday 13 March 2018

the a life

The A-Life is a wellness and movement studio in Nicholson Village that have only been in the area for a year but are already a local staple. Fitness and healthcare are two of the fastest-growing business categories in Yarra retail precincts. In these retail pockets, over the past five years healthcare businesses have increased by 36% and fitness businesses have increased by 83%. 

We talked to founder Angela Baklis who explains the varied services they offer, "We are a truly integrative space of Naturopaths, Osteopaths and movement instructors who work together to teach and educate our community how to thrive with health and vitality and move with freedom.  We are obsessed with movement and believe it should an integral part of everyone's life!"

Angela was already a local before she started The A-Life - "We have lived in this area for a few years prior and just love combination of being able to find a beautiful park and really unique independent shops... and good coffee of course!"

When asked about the best aspect of the city she says, "The people! The community in Carlton North are so aligned with our values and are very friendly, supportive and down to earth. After being here for one year and getting to know our neighbours all the small businesses along the Nicholson street Village inspire us to serve our community. "

Angela recommends:


Park Street Dining

Cafe Bu


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