Business profile: JAC&

Tuesday 13 March 2018


JAC& is a branding and marketing agency, who also just launched a shared co-working space for hire, 43 Derby Street. We talk to owner Jacinta Lippold, who says they aim to "help build businesses that improve the lives of the people who run them."

Picking the right location has been an important factor in JAC&'s business success; "What I find really interesting is the growth my business experienced when moving from my home office to a shared space and then again when launching 43 Derby Street. There are many factors that have contributed to this, but I think Collingwood specifically has played a part in meeting client expectations and keeping me motivated."

And there's plenty to inspire. She says, "We’re really lucky to have Australian Galleries a couple of doors down. Apart from their incredible rotation of artworks, to see a business thriving like it does after 50 years is hugely inspiring. And you’d be hard pressed to find a designer who wasn’t impressed by Aesop, but there’s good reason for it. Their commitment to brand experience is continuously inspiring and encouraging for us and our clients."

But why does a marketing agency start a co-working hub? She continues, "After working in a shared studio on Cambridge Street for 3 years, the idea of a collaborative space kept coming up. When the very beautiful 43 Derby Street hit the market, it was too good to ignore."

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