Business profile: Black Onyx Financials

Tuesday 27 February 2018

black onyx financials

We talk to Monique Message from Black Onyx Financials in Richmond, a home-based business which specialises in financial advice for families who have children with disabilities or learning difficulties.

We ask her what inspired her to start the business after working for other businesses for 15 years. She says, "I've always wanted to work where I can help people... I particularly wanted to start my own financial planning firm in this particular niche to help those contending with disabilities. Being self employed I can go out on my own to engage clients in my way."

Monique has been a resident in Richmond for 15 years. She says, "I love the area. It's so diverse and  interesting. Yarra has loads of opportunities for new businesses and community. We are surrounded by a hub of interesting and creative businesses."

As a home-based business, it's important to have a good vibe to the area, but that also has its challenges. She says, "The most challenging part of working from home is trying to stay focused and disciplined and not getting distracted." 

Another challenge is finding meeting spaces that are quiet and suitable for clients.  She recommends Feast of MeritTop Paddock and Demitris Feast as her top three local venues that are good for coffee or lunch meetings, and she says "They all have their own unique atmosphere".

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