Business profile: Kaye Ashton

Tuesday 09 January 2018

We talk to Kaye Ashton about why she started her own business, healing with the Alexander method. The Alexander method is a way of learning more about your own body.

She says, "I was seeing a chiropractor weekly for shoulder and neck tension and pain. That would give relief but I was not learning how to prevent the problem. Then I heard about the Alexander Technique and I discovered I had a habit of gripping and stiffening my neck and body when using a computer."

"The more I began applying this new Alexander way of observing and thinking in my life... the greater the increase in overall freer and easier movement." Kaye is currently based from a studio at the School for FM Alexander Studies in Fitzroy North.

Kaye has always through of Yarra as home, so it was natural to start her business here; "North Fitzroy and earlier, Carlton, are my community. I love now being able to walk to my workplace along the Merri Creek or through leafy Edinburgh Gardens. Yarra has got a great mix of ages and interests."

She also remembers a very different Melbourne. She says, "When we all lived in central Carlton, my father said 'why don't you try to buy something in North Fitzroy?' I thought something like: 'are you nuts, North Fitzroy is soooo far away... it's over Alexandra Parade!'"

And there's loads of exciting small businesses in the area to inspire her - "I love walking past Fowlers Flowers and Mixed Business cafe, as both these businesses really got this end of High Street happening," she says. "I'm always inspired to walk into an organic food store so Wild Things on St George's Road gets a star. "

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