Business Profile: Melbourne Farmer's Market

Tuesday 19 December 2017

The not-for-profit Melbourne Farmers Markets runs seven farmer's markets around Melbourne. The first one started in 2002 at the Collingwood Children's Farm. They've also just brought the Carlton farmers market back to the City of Yarra. We talk to Director Miranda Sharp.

She says, "I started (in Yarra) because I had been volunteering at Collingwood Children’s Farm in the ‘90’s and knew of the huge housing development which threatened it. I joined the community voice to oppose it and thought that if we brought new people and income to it, we might be able to raise further awareness and support. I’m very proud to say it helped a lot and our market is still generating loads of support and financial benefit to the local community!"

"Our farmers’ markets offer a wonderful opportunity to strengthen community ties and provide benefits for all involved... The person attending the market is the grower or maker, or directly involved in the production with an intimate knowledge of the product."

"The local community that surrounds each market site has access to the freshest local, seasonal food and a vibrant local meeting place is established with opportunities for local information groups and fundraising."

It's been an experience being part of Yarra's community for so long, and Miranda says the area as "Incredibly strong community spirit". She's also seen a lot of growth in that time. She says, "Watching St Heliers Street and the neighbourhood unfold has been amazing. When we started here the Farm was in desperate need, the Convent was derelict and there were none of the thriving businesses around Johnston Street. Look at it now!"

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