Cleaning up with council

Friday 10 November 2017

Two council workers cleaning a street and footpath

Our City Works branch delivers a wide range of services to ensure that Yarra's roads, laneways and shopping strips are kept spick and span. 

Our staff and contractors tackle rubbish and recycling, hard rubbish and green waste, as well as litter and graffiti. Importantly, we street sweep the entire city each month. 

Our crews work every day of the year, including public holidays, and special arrangements are made for major events such as street festivals or the AFL Grand Final.

Cleansing Foreman Peter Baker meets with our staff and contractors at our Clifton Hill depot to discuss the day's activities. "Technology is playing a growing role in tracking how to improve our performance and meet targets," Peter says. "We can monitor what streets need more attention and identify recurring hotspots." 

Peter believes that quality cleaning involves constantly reviewing how his crew can deliver services in the most effective manner possible. "Every street is different and needs a particular approach to how it is cleaned. Whilst Swan Street has residents lining for post-gym coffees by 7am, Brunswick Street is later to rise," Peter laughs. 

Street cleaning ensures that our public spaces feel safe and comfortable, and that businesses are able to operate without any obstructions. 

To find out more or to report a service, visit our cleaning and maintenance page.


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