Business Profile: Butler Plumbing

Tuesday 31 October 2017

Parked Butler Plumbing van

Butler plumbing has been around since the late 80s, but relocated to Fitzroy in the mid 90s and today has a fleet of vehicles servicing the area for water, gas, roofing, heating, drainage or toilet issues.

We talk to Jennifer Butler about what they love about working in Fitzroy. She says, "What is there not to love about this area?  We love that Yarra is a community that feels like they value everybody."

"There are lots of signs of equality, as well as showing diversity and respect."

"We love the fact that whether it is Craig from ABS, who services our vehicles, David from Angleton’s Office Supplies who provides our stationery or Ricardo from Mamma Vittoria who feeds us pasta   -  they know our names and most importantly they understand our needs."

One of the most interesting stories Jennifer shares about the area speaks to this village feel. Her kids found a large original canvas painting by the side of the road. They took it home and hung it, where it sat for four years. Years later while renovating they decided to leave it on the footpath by the side of the house. She continues, "Within the hour it was gone.  About a month later, I was walking past a local furniture store and that very same painting was up on the wall for sale - I love the easy going sharing nature of our community."

Butler is inspired by local businesses Gelato Messina. Jennifer says, "what we really love is behind the scenes their absolute commitment to quality. They're always looking for ways of doing things better. "

They are also inspired by Kelly Real Estate. "We find them great to work with because of their open and honest communication and their commitment to their landlords."

Some of Jennifer's favourite venues:



Provincial Hotel Rooftop Bar

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