Public notice: Submissions invited in relation to a proposed trial closure of Station Street, North Carlton at Princes Street.

Friday 20 October 2017

Council is proposing to conduct a trial closure of Station Street to motor vehicles at Princes Street in order to assess the traffic impacts. Details of this project can be viewed at, at Richmond Town Hall (333 Bridge Road Richmond) and at Carlton Library (667 Rathdowne Street North Carlton).

You are invited to make a submission to let us know whether or not you support the proposed trial closure and your reasons why. If you do support the trial closure, let us know whether you think it should be for 6 or 12 months (or another period). Also, if you make a submission, you are entitled to appear in person to present it to us (or appoint someone to do it on your behalf). If you wish to take up this opportunity, please let us know in your submission and provide your preferred contact details.

You can lodge your submission by completing the survey on or by sending a written submission to [email protected] or by mail to “Station Street Closure, PO Box 168, RICHMOND VIC 3121”. In order to be considered, your submission must reach us by 5.00pm Wednesday 22 November 2017.


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