Council moves to protect Swan Street from inappropriate development

Wednesday 18 October 2017

Exterior photograph of former Dimmeys Building on Swan Street, now a Coles and apartment building

Council will ask the Minister for Planning to introduce interim planning controls along Swan Street, Richmond to protect the area from inappropriate development.

The controls, outlined in a Design and Development Overlay, specify the mandatory and preferred heights of new developments and the protection of heritage buildings, including views of the iconic Dimmeys clock tower.

Specifically, the Design and Development Overlay supports new ‘mid-rise’ development in Swan Street, ranging from 5 to 12 storeys. The specified buildings heights are generally lower within heritage areas and next to low-rise residential areas.

Mandatory height controls are proposed for the western end of Swan Street between the rail bridge and Charles Street to protect the unique heritage streetscape character of that area.

The overlay also aims to ensure Swan Street remains an easy place to walk around, with good connections for pedestrians to the Richmond, Burnley and East Richmond train stations.

The interim controls, if introduced by the Minister, will safeguard Swan Street against inappropriate development while Council seeks to make the controls permanent.

This would involve making an amendment to the Yarra Planning Scheme, which is subject to community consultation. The community will have an opportunity to learn more about the amendment and have their say in 2018.

As part of the amendment, Council will also propose to rezone Commercial 2 land along the eastern section of Swan Street to Commercial 1. This would help to direct the demand for more commercial and housing growth to activity centres areas that can accommodate and benefit from new development.

To read more about Council proposed planning controls for Swan Street, visit the report presented to Council on Tuesday 17 October 2017, or contact Council’s Strategic Planning Unit on 9205 5555 or [email protected]


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