Curtain Square trees

Friday 01 September 2017

map illustration of Curtain Square

Tree removal in Curtain Square, North Carlton

In the coming weeks, we will be removing and replacing a number of unhealthy and potentially unsafe trees here in Curtain Square, North Carlton.

12 trees will be removed in total – the 6 mature English elms and 6 juvenile English elms that form the north-south avenue.

The 6 mature elms have been assessed by an independent arborist as having severe structural defects. These trees need to be removed as there is a serious risk that they could drop branches or large limbs.
The 6 juvenile elms located in the same section are not performing well, and form an oddly matched line of trees along the north-south avenue.

The 12 removed elms will be replaced with 16 advanced-sized Scarlet Oak trees
(Quercus coccinea). The new plantings will create a consistent, formal avenue of trees and will complement the traditional style of the park.

The decision to remove and replace the trees has been made following extensive consideration and independent expert advice.

Works are due to commence mid-September and are expected to take one to two days to complete.
The replacement trees will be to be planted as soon as possible after the removals have occurred – in late September.


Community Information Session

You can find out more detailed information and ask questions of Council’s Arboriculture staff at our community information session:

When: Thursday 14 September from 6-7pm

Where: Carlton Library (667 Rathdowne Street, North Carlton)

For more information, contact us on 9205 5555 or



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