Vote yes for marriage equality

Monday 21 August 2017

Rainbow flag at Richmond Town Hall

Yarra Council is encouraging the community to vote ‘yes’ in the Federal Government’s upcoming postal ballot on marriage equality.

Yarra Mayor Councillor Amanda Stone said: “Yarra is a community that values diversity, equality and mutual respect. We are standing by our LGBTIQ community and urging all Australians to vote in favour of marriage equality.

“We share the LGBTIQ’s community’s strong concerns that the postal plebiscite will expose a vulnerable community to hate speech and hostile debate.

“However if the Federal Government proceeds with a postal ballot, we encourage all Australians to return a resounding ‘yes’ vote.

“We’ll be encouraging our community to vote ‘yes’ through our social media channels and we’ll continue to fly the rainbow flag at our town halls until marriage equality finally becomes a reality.

“We’re also encouraging all community members, especially people who have recently turned 18, to check their enrolment status today.

“The issue of marriage equality resonates particularly strongly with Yarra’s large community of young people. Their voices should be heard loud and clear on this critical issue,” said Cr Stone.

You can enrol to vote online before 6pm on Thursday 24 August.  

You can also update your address with the Australian Electoral Commission online. 


Unanimous Council resolution of Tuesday 16 August 2017

1. That Council:
(a) note the Council resolution of May 2, 2017, re-affirming its public support for marriage equality regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, and its resolve to fly the Rainbow Flag permanently at each town hall until such time as marriage equality becomes law in Australia;

(b) note that LGBTIQ people experience some of the poorest health in Australia, with high rates of alcohol and other drug use, mental health issues and suicide;

(c) note that in the face of a postal plebiscite, Yarra’s LGBTIQ community and their families are facing renewed hostility, stigma and prejudice, and young people in particular are suffering;

(d) write to the Federal government expressing our disapproval of plans to implement a costly and unprecedented postal plebiscite, outlining the harmful impacts that will flow from a plebiscite, and again expressing support for a free vote in parliament;

(e) request that the CEO establish and promote initiatives to support LGBTIQ staff at this time, including through a briefing for our EAP provider, and internal communications raising awareness with all staff; and

(f) take immediate action to affirm support of Yarra’s LGBTIQ community ahead of the possible postal plebiscite by:

(i) connecting with external LGBTIQ agencies to explore what support may be needed;

(ii) informing community via social media and other communications on how to ensure their enrolment is up to date;

(iii) making Council venues available to those arranging events or activities in support of marriage equality;

(iv) producing Social media posts and video messages affirming support for the LGBTIQ community; and

(v) exploring any additional ways in which council can support the “yes” campaign should the plebiscite proceed, and actioning these where they can be achieved within existing resources.

(g) write to the Federal Government asking that teenagers who turn 18 during the period of the postal poll be enfranchised to take part in the survey if it goes ahead.


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