Community engagement to begin for potential redevelopment of major North Fitzroy site

Wednesday 23 March 2016

Yarra Council last night unanimously endorsed a request from the State Government’s property development agency Places Victoria to commence community engagement and master planning as part of investigations for the potential redevelopment of the 3.9 hectare former Gas and Fuel site at 433 Smith Street, North Fitzroy.

Mayor Roberto Colanzi said there was an exciting opportunity for a six court indoor sports stadium to be included in the redevelopment of the site – something Yarra Council has advocated for more than a decade and something which is desperately needed in the community.

The project would also remediate the heavily contaminated site and adjacent crown land on which Council’s Fitzroy depot operations have been in operation for over 125 years.

Any redevelopment would need to be sensitive to the Fitzroy North Gasworks Precinct Urban Design Framework adopted by Council in October 2008.

“Council wants to see the best outcome for the community with this major strategic site,” Mayor Colanzi said.

“The community is encouraged to participate in Places Victoria’s engagement so that all voices are heard.

“Council will be strongly advocating for the provision of open space, affordable housing, community facilities, improved public transport and environmentally sustainable design.

“We also want to make sure that Yarra ratepayers receive full compensation should Council’s Fitzroy depot need to be relocated.”

Council also wants Places Victoria to undertake a heritage review of the site and an analysis of significant trees.

Places Victoria has advised Council that phase 1 consultation, to begin in late April, involves identifying what the community values about the neighbourhood and what should be taken into consideration when investigating development of the site. This will be followed by the development of a draft master plan if renewal of the site proves feasible.

433 Smith Street, North Fitzroy is crown land and is surplus to state government requirements. The Department of Treasury and Finance has appointed Places Victoria to assess the development potential of the land.

For further information visit Places Victoria.

The full Council Report (22/3/16) can be read on Yarra’s website.

Council Resolution (22/3/16)*

That Council:

(a)        note this report in relation to the site known as 433 Smith Street, Fitzroy North;

(b)        note the interest of Places Victoria on behalf of the State Government to redevelop the site including the Council Fitzroy Depot site;

(c)        endorse Phase 1 and Phase 1 (b) of the Places Victoria Community Engagement and Planning Framework as contained in the attachment to this report;

(d)        receive a further report on the outcomes of Phase 1 and Phase 1(b) and consider Phase 2 community engagement and the draft master plan in time for Places Victoria to seek approval from the State Government for the business case;

(e)        notes that the former Valve House building in the south-west corner of 433 Smith Street Fitzroy North is in a heritage overlay in the Yarra Planning Scheme;

(f)         requests Places Victoria to undertake a heritage review of the gas and fuel site and in particular the Valve House and the Porter prefabricated iron store as part of its due diligence for the possible redevelopment of the site, and provide a copy of the review to Council for consideration; and

requests Places Victoria to undertake an analysis of whether any of the trees have any significance under the Council’s Local Law and that Council be informed of the results. 

*Resolution to be formally received and approved by Council as part of the Minutes at the next Ordinary Council Meeting on 05/04/2016.


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