Parking Sensors in Yarra

Thursday 04 August 2016

Yarra City Council is preparing to install 4,000 underground parking sensors in the Richmond sporting precinct and Cremorne, as well as other highly contested parking areas of Yarra.

The aim of the new system is to improve turnover of parking bays, freeing up spaces for Yarra residents and customers of local businesses.

Mayor Roberto Colanzi said “There is a growing demand for on-street parking in Yarra which far outstrips supply. This is a reality for most inner-city municipalities experiencing increases in residential development and population growth.

“Richmond and Cremorne are also on the edge of a major sporting precinct which attracts millions of people each year, many who overstay their parking which impacts the liveability of our local residents and businesses.

“Like many councils, Yarra needs to monitor and manage our limited parking for our all residents, businesses, local workers, visitors and shoppers.

“The new parking sensor system, which has proven to be effective in the City of Melbourne, will help ensure a regular turnover of parking bays, making it easier for local residents to find a car park near their homes.  It will also be beneficial for local businesses, as turnover of vehicles means more customers can park nearby.

“This is absolutely not about raising funds – all parking revenue is used to support community services such as libraries, maternal child health and home help for vulnerable members of the community.” said Cr Colanzi.

This ‘smart city’ solution will generate data on usage trends and patterns, which will assist Council in reviewing and updating parking restrictions, and developing officer patrol patterns to better meet the evolving needs of the community. 

This has been an integral part of our traffic management and parking strategies for the past three years.

The same sensor technology has been installed in the Melbourne CBD and a range of other major cities across Australia and has proven to be accurate and legally enforceable.

The parking sensors will be installed in areas that already have time restrictions – not parking bays that are currently subject to pay by phone or coin payment.

For more on Council’s use of parking sensor technology, please visit our FAQ page.



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