Smoking is now off the menu

Tuesday 01 August 2017

No Smoking sign hanging on a brick wall

Changes to the Tobacco Act 1987 mean that smoking is now banned in all commercial outdoor dining areas.

When is smoking outdoors still allowed? 

Smoking is still permitted in outdoor drinking areas on the conditions:

  • There is no roof or there is a minimum of 25% notional wall area open
  • No food other than snacks are able to be consumed in the area.
  • There is a 4 metre buffer zone or a barrier at least 2.1 metres high between the drinking area and any dining area.

You can find more information on the tobacco reforms and required signage on Victorian Government tobacco reform website or by contacting us on 9205 5555.

Remember - If you’re a smoker please remember to bin your butts so Yarra’s streets stay clean and tidy


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