Aiming for a carbon neutral future

Wednesday 14 June 2017

Yarra Council has extended its support for the Yarra Energy Foundation, an independent body empowering local residents and businesses to reduce carbon emissions. 

Having achieved carbon neutrality in our own operations, Council will provide the foundation with $1.34m over the next four years (with scope for minor adjustments in line with the rate cap) to pursue the same goal for the entire municipality. 

Launched in 2011, the foundation has launched a wide range of innovative programs, including (but not limited to):

  • a successful commercial solar and LED programme for Yarra businesses
  • a low income energy efficiency program that has been successfully piloted and ready to roll out more widely
  • energy efficiency education programs for diverse audiences 
  • a widely recognised local school solar PV program 
  • residential solar PV and energy facilitation 
  • the ambitious Yarra Project Zero Pledge which is open to all community members.

Council’s support for the foundation reflects its commitment to tackle the environmental challenges facing Yarra. Council chooses to take a leadership role on sustainability not only because it wishes to address these issues in the short term, but also because it embraces its responsibility to the next generation of Yarra citizens.

The foundation is supported by Council, but it is also able to leverage funds not available to local councils, form partnerships, and engage at a grassroots level with the community to drive the long term behaviour change needed to achieve a carbon neutral  municipality.

In addition to providing funding support, Council will have representatives on the foundation’s board.

To learn more about its achievements, visit the Yarra Energy Foundation website.



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