Planning decisions committee

Tuesday 05 July 2022

The Planning Decisions Committee is a delegated committee of Council with full authority to make decisions in relation to planning matters. The committee is made up of three Councillors who are rostered on a quarterly basis.

Planning Decisions Committee meetings are decision-making forums and only Councillors have a formal role. However, Council is committed to ensuring that any person whose rights will be directly affected by a decision of Council is entitled to communicate their views and have their interests considered before the decision is made. If you are the applicant or an objector, you can participate in the meeting by making a submission at the meeting.

Watching the meeting

You are welcome to attend the meeting without making a submission, and there is no need to register in advance.

Making a submission

If you wish to make a verbal submission in relation to an item being considered at the meeting, you must be a party to the matter being considered (usually the applicant or an objector). To take up this opportunity, please register using the link below 24 hours before the start of the meeting. If you cannot register in advance, you can still come along and make submission, but we will ask you to wait until all the people who have registered have first had an opportunity to speak.

At the meeting, the applicant will be invited to make the first submission, followed by objectors.

When that time comes, come forward to the microphone, state your name clearly for the record and:

  • Speak for a maximum of five minutes;
  • direct your submission to the meeting chair;
  • confine your submission to the planning permit under consideration;
  • if possible, explain your preferred decision in relation to a permit application (refusing, granting or granting with conditions) and set out any requested permit conditions;
  • reflect on prior submissions, avoid repetition and refrain from restating matters that have already been raised;
  • don't ask questions or seek comments from Councillors, applicants or other submitters; and
  • if speaking on behalf of a group, explain the nature of the group and how you are able to speak on their behalf.

Following your submission, Councillors will have an opportunity to ask you questions. You can decide whether or not you wish to take these questions.

Following all public submissions, the applicant or their representative will be given a further opportunity of two minutes to exercise a right of reply in relation to matters raised by previous submitters. Applicants may not raise new matters during this right of reply.

Register to make a submission

Meeting agenda

The agenda for this meeting will be available below on the Wednesday before the meeting.


Richmond Town Hall

Date and time:
Tuesday 05 July 2022

333 Bridge Road Richmond