The Bandwagon with MZURI, Deaf Republic and Upsleeve Trickery

Sunday 03 April 2022

Image: We Are Colourful, My Dance Jam. Image courtesy of MZURI.

Hailed as one of the best creative pivots of 2020, The Bandwagon is a new, innovative, COVIDSafe live entertainment venue.

Just as the original Taco Truck packaged up the flavour of Mexico & brought it to the people, The Bandwagon packages the flavour of an intimate jazz/music club & brings it curb-side featuring some of Yarra’s young musical talent, including local bands Upsleeve Trickery, Deaf Republic and MZURI.

MZURI Dance ArtisTree presents a dance performance of We Are Colourful, My Dance Jam featuring some of Yarra's best new talent. We Are Colourful connects community youth leaders and local artists to connect young people to fun, easy going dance sessions. Watch the performers celebrate their individuality, express their culture, tell stories, share experiences of growing up and, of course, their skills in dance, music and choreography.

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 Two images stitched together. Two portraits with black bars over the eyes and mouth of the individuals.

Deaf Republic
“Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice”

Deaf Republic are a Melbourne based duo. Their canon is for both the outcast and the extrovert. Think Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, guitars, inner city.

Six people with sitting, with upsleeve trickery written on the right side of the image. The people are all wearing hats.  

Upsleeve Trickery
Upsleeve Trickery bring their highly original brand of misdirection to bear on a good mix of original tunes and ones you will recognise. This band started off playing jazz standards in school music class at Princes Hill Secondary College, featuring Lottie Davitt on double bass, Lola Simpson on baritone saxophone, Lucy on drums, and Poppy on guitar, and then something magical happened when they got a bit…flutey. (Ilsa on flute) and added Jack Perring, (The Weasel) on Congas.

Donning their bucket hats in a blur of genres from latin to funk to 60s country, Upsleeve Trickery make their festival debut at the Bandwagon on Sunday 3 April.

Free event, no tickets required.

Event details:
Sunday 03 April, 3pm to 5pm.
Where: Condell Reserve, Fitzroy

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Presented by Yarra City Arts with The Bandwagon.

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Date and time:
3pm - 5pm
Sunday 03 April 2022

Condell Reserve, Fitzroy