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Friday 14 August 2020 - Sunday 22 November 2020

Richmond Town Hall

Kent Morris
Unvanished and Cultural Reflections – Up Above #2
21 August–13 November 2020 

Abstract image with birds, wired and silos
Image credit: Kent Morris, Up Above Barkindji (Broken Hill) – Mallee Ringneck, 2016, digital photograph

Kent Morris’ photographic series, Unvanished, reveals the continuing presence and patterns of Aboriginal history and culture in the contemporary Australian landscape, despite colonial interventions that have irreversibly altered the environment.

The interaction of native birds and the built environment reflects continual changes to ecological systems and the natural environment. Learning from the rhythm and habits of native birds in a variety of spaces, Morris experiences how birds have adapted to the built environment, to technology and colonialism, reflecting on the ways in which Indigenous culture survives and adapts.

In this series, Kent reminds people that there is a continuum of culture that does not stop when the land changes. It is present and ongoing, and through his view we are privileged to see the world through Barkindji eyes. The geometric markers of identity from south-eastern Australia form a hypnotic movement in the mirrored photographs of his works. These designs refer to our customary practices and are a clear statement of Sovereign presence.

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Fitzroy Library

Tarli Bird
Urban Landscapes: City of Yarra

14 August–8 November 2020
Artwork by Tarli Bird showing a split screen. Paiting versus street, curb and plants.
Image credit: Tarli Bird, Urban Landscape: Fitzroy, 2020, mixed media, 65 x 90cm

Urban Landscapes: City of Yarra is a series of mixed media works that explore and celebrate open spaces within the municipality. Combining various drawing and painting techniques, materials and media, Bird recreates her surroundings with acute observation, responding intuitively to the built and natural environment with line, colour, texture and pattern to extend the boundaries of representation.

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Bargoonga Nganjin, North Fitzroy Library

Claudia Phares
Invisible Labour
28 August–22 November 2020
Filled bags that say MOTHER arranged in a semi circle
Image credit: Installation detail of "Strategy #3: M-O-T-H-E-R at Play with Sand" (2019), calico, play sand, acrylic paint. Dimension variable. Photo courtesy of the artiist.

Invisible Labour addresses the work a mother undertakes when raising her children. ‘Motherwork’ could be defined as ‘nurturing’, ‘protecting’ and ‘training’ of children. Bringing up children can be isolating and challenging especially while maintaining an art practice. 

Invisible Labour extends beyond the private/domestic nature associated with child rearing. It reflects intersectional feminist ideologies of caring in light of the ongoing health and socio-political issues.

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Friday 14 August 2020 - Sunday 22 November 2020

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