SEVENTH Gallery - Applications to Exhibit

Wednesday 13 November 2019 - Tuesday 10 December 2019

Renee Estée, Love Far From Home at SEVENTH Gallery. Photo by Leela Schauble.

SEVENTH Gallery is now accepting proposals for exhibitions and events happening between March and August 2020. 

SEVENTH will continue to offer a free exhibition space, and pay artists throughout 2020. Successful applicants will receive support from SEVENTH Exhibition Liaison and Curatorial Mentors in the conceptual and logistical development of their shows.

Applications are encouraged from:

• Emerging and early-career artists and curators
• First Nations artists and curators
• Artists and curators of diverse cultural backgrounds
• Artists and curators with disability

To present work that is:

• Experimental
• Risky
• Critically engaged
• Conceptually coherent
• Responsible and socially aware
• Site-specific to the physical architecture of SEVENTH’s spaces
• Responsive to the Indigenous history of their home on Wurundjeri land

Application deadline: Tuesday 10 December, midnight. Apply here.

SEVENTH Gallery is an artist-run-initiative located on Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. SEVENTH embraces experimentation, risk and diverse artistic practices, and is committed to supporting emerging and underrepresented artists, curators and writers. SEVENTH is run by a democratic board of artists and arts professionals who champion accessibility and affordability for artists and artist-run-initiatives. 


SEVENTH is supported through the Creative Yarra Grant Program. 





Date and time:
Wednesday 13 November 2019 - Tuesday 10 December 2019

155 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy