Uncertain Equilibrium and Field Charge by Claire Mooney

Friday 08 February 2019 - Sunday 28 April 2019

Claire Mooney, Field of Charge, 2018, acrylic and print transfer on plywood. Photograph by Christopher Sanders.

Form and fragmentation are at the core of artist Claire Mooney's new exhibition at Richmond Library.

In Field Charge, Claire Mooney brings together vibrant geometric patterns and photographic fragments of the landscape to create a dynamic abstracted composition. The painting takes inspiration from textiles and quilting, bringing together disparate fragments to create a work that inexorably slides from order to entropy. 

Uncertain Equilibrium is a window-based mural that has been designed specifically for display in the windows at Richmond Library. The mural furthers Mooney’s ongoing interest in form and fragmentation, using radiating and overlapping concentric circles to create a sense of movement across the windows. The circular motif was chosen to reflect one of the inherent purposes of the library; to weave together overlapping and intersecting parts of the community and different social spheres.  

The window site creates an opportunity to explore the interplay between the positive and negative space of the design and the transparency of the windows themselves, allowing the outside world to become part of the mural and merging together the space inside the library with the environment and community beyond. 


This is a free exhibition and can be viewed during library opening hours.

2019 City of Yarra Exhibition Program Supported by Yarra City Arts and Yarra Libraries

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Richmond Library

Date and time:
Friday 08 February 2019 - Sunday 28 April 2019

415 Church Street, Richmond