Moving Pixels with the Speed of Light by Corinna Berndt

Friday 02 November 2018 - Friday 25 January 2019

Corinna Berndt, Compacted Layers, 2018, digital collage, dimensions variable (detail).

For the duration of 9 minutes, in the early nineteenth century, romanticist landscape painter Joseph M. W. Turner held his head out of a moving train carriage in order to experience his surroundings in motion. The position of his body, combined with the speed of the train, momentarily altered his vision. Similar to this early experiment of merging optical sensations with technology, this exhibition employs perspective, camera movement and digital imaging techniques to dismantle and re-construct the image space.

Corinna Berndt’s inquiry into the digital image space and editing technology questions how the human body might either be defined by, or incorporated into its immediate environment, and to what extent digital processes might blur the representational boundaries between the body, its social context and technology. 

Corinna Berndt (Melbourne, VIC) is a visual artist working across multiple mediums, including sculpture, collage and video. Her practice investigates the tension between corporeal and digital experiences, often exploring interactions between objects and bodies on screen. An ongoing focus of her work has been the concept of the video screen as an experimental space for exploring experiences of time, space and the image in relation to the body.  

This exhibition can be viewed during library hours. 

2018 City of Yarra Exhibition Program, supported by Yarra City Arts and Yarra Libraries.

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Richmond Library

Date and time:
Friday 02 November 2018 - Friday 25 January 2019

415 Church Street, Richmond