Gertrude Street Projection Festival Mini

Friday 21 September 2018 - Saturday 22 September 2018

Artist: Projector Bike. Photo by Jeremy Kruckel

Step into a world of colour and movement in Atherton Gardens, Fitzroy as it lights up and comes alive after dark. This event features projection artwork by local artist, Kate Geck, recognised for her outstanding kaleidoscopic projections.

The Centre for Projection Art proudly presents Gertrude Street Projection Festival Mini. With ten successful years of presenting famed Gertrude Street Projection Festival, 2018 is a year of creative development and careful research. The MiNi Festival will continue to engage the broader community and provide emerging projection artists and local creatives with a platform to experiment and exhibit their work, whilst working with local businesses to light up an important Melbourne location. Feature artist Kate Geck is preparing for an ambitious display of projection art, flooding the gardens with an immersive projection world for the public.

Constantly changing, the projections will respond to audience interaction. Emerging artists from Yarra Youth Services, in partnership with Projector Bike, will also present live, observational and interactive projections of bright and bouncing colour. Audiences will be invited to explore, play and reconfigure the housing estate with light, utilising the participatory potential of revolutionary animation software TagTool to transform public spaces into site specific works of art.

More information: Gertrude Street Projection Festival MiNi


Atherton Gardens


Date and time:
6pm - 9pm
Friday 21 September 2018 - Saturday 22 September 2018

119 Gertrude Street , Fitzroy