About Council Meetings

Council decisions are made at meetings of the Council or the Planning Decisions Committee.

When are the council meetings?

We generally hold two Council meetings each month from February to December.

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Who can attend Council meetings? 

Anyone is free to attend Council meetings to contribute to the decision-making process and to witness proceedings.

How can I ask a question or make a submission?

Most Council meetings provide an opportunity for you to ask questions about any matter that is not on the meeting agenda or make a submission about an item that is included. You will be provided with up to five minutes to address the Council.

Instructions for how to participate in this aspect of the meeting can be found on the relevant meeting page.

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If your question is operational in nature (a customer request), please contact us and our customer service team will assist you. 

How do I know what Council will be considering at the meeting?

An agenda for each Council Meeting (which includes full reports, and a series of separate attachments) will be published in the upcoming council meetings page.

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This usually happens on Wednesday before the meeting.

How do I find out what happened at the last meeting?

The minutes, which are an official record of the meeting, are uploaded to the past council meetings page.

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These documents are usually available before the following meeting.