We are committed to keeping the residents and visitors to Yarra safe.

Yarra City Council have a municipal emergency management plan (MEMP) that outlines strategies for responding to a variety of emergencies that may occur within Yarra and the role we will play in the recovery phase.

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Who to contact in an emergency

What to do in emergency situations

What to do in hot weather

Download the Municipal Emergency Management Plan

Types of emergencies in Yarra

Our community emergency risk assessment (CERA) has identified the following risks for Yarra's community:

  • heatwaves
  • epidemics or pandemics
  • severe storms
  • riverine and flash flooding
  • hazardous material releases or spills
  • major road and rail transport accidents
  • structural fires
  • acts of terrorism
  • external incidents (from outside our area e.g. utility failure, contamination of water supply)

Preparing for an emergency

Emergencies can occur at any time and are generally unexpected. It is important to develop your own prevention, preparedness, response and recovery plans to reduce the impact of emergencies to you and your family. Follow the link for a list of things you can do to prepare for an emergency.

Is your organisation prepared for the impacts of an extreme weather event?

To help you to find out whether your organisation is prepared, ACOSS has developed the Disaster Resilience Benchmarking Tool. The tool has 6 steps, each with its own specific resources, to help you assess and build your capacity for weathering a disaster. You can work through the tools at your own pace.

By planning ahead, and ensuring that our workplaces are prepared, we can be assured that, when disasters and emergencies strike, we will be able to support those affected the most.

Protecting your business in an emergency

Emergency management is about successfully adapting your business to changes in its environment in an emergency situation. Resilient businesses prepare for possible risks, take appropriate action during emergencies, and recover.

The following tools and guides available:

For more information call Yarra City Council on 9205 5555 or email info@yarracity.vic.gov.au.

Our role in emergency management

We work closely with State emergency authorities, community groups, not-for-profits, and big businesses to develop plans to prevent and help the community during an emergency and to recover afterwards.

The Emergency Management Act 1986 requires us to establish a Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee (MEMPC) whose task it is to develop a Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMPlan) for the community. Our MEMPlan outlines how we will prevent, respond to and recover from emergencies within the municipality.

Our role and responsibilities in emergency management are listed in various legislation such as the Emergency Management Act 1986(2013) and in statutory guidelines such as the Emergency Management Manual of Victoria.

Yarra City Council has a staff structure, procedures and physical resources in place to be able to fulfil its responsibilities towards the community and the State of Victoria. The responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Assisting control agencies during response and recovery (e.g. through the provision of physical resources or in-kind support, road cleaning, traffic management, information gathering).
  • Managing the provision of emergency relief to affected persons in the City of Yarra (e.g. shelter, water, food, first aid, information, basic material assistance, access to financial aid and specialist advice).
  • Undertaking risk reduction activities prior to emergencies (such as road and drainage works, hazard inspections and community education around risk identification and treatments).
  • Managing emergency recovery planning and activities in the City of Yarra. This includes working with the community to identify recovery needs and timelines for actions, facilitating clean-up and reinstatement of council assets and infrastructure, providing advice and referral of effected residents to community service organisations.

Download the City of Yarra Municipal Emergency Plan