Gambling Policy

We are taking a stand against gambling in our community.

The Yarra Gambling Policy outlines the ways in which we will work to minimise the social and economic harms caused by gambling through advocacy to other levels of government, planning controls, community education and by supporting gambling-free initiatives that increase community connectedness and inclusion.

The policy was developed in close consultation with local service providers and community organisations that support community members at risk of harm from gambling.

Our Vision

"To advocate for a fairer society where the gambling industry no longer causes social and economic harm in the community of Yarra"

Goals of the policy

  • Advocacy to reduce the number of poker machines in Yarra
  • Support gambling-free community activities
  • Improve community understanding about the risks posed to the community by the gambling industry
  • Reform of the gambling industry
  • Enable community participation in planning decisions concerning gambling activities

The Yarra Gaming Strategy expands on the social justice aspects of our Gaming Policy, which was introduced as Amendment C109 to the Yarra Planning Scheme in November 2010.   

The Yarra Gaming Policy requires us to take into account the anticipated social and economic impacts when considering a planning permit application for an existing venue or for a new gaming venue.