Richmond and Collingwood youth program grants

The Richmond and Collingwood Youth Program grants support programs which identify and address the needs of 8 to 21 year olds living on the Richmond and/or Collingwood Housing Estates.

Image showing four youths smiling and linking arms.

What are the aims of the youth program grants?

The program aims to provide children and young people with:

  • access to regular and inclusive programs on the Collingwood and Richmond housing estates.
  • opportunities to learn new skills and build positive relationships.
  • are encouraged to provide ideas that enhance their health and wellbeing.
  • with access to information both online and offline about services, programs and events when they need it.

The successful organisation/s works in partnership with children and young people and their families, schools, community agencies, and youth service providers to ensure a robust and integrated service system that fosters and promotes enhanced health and wellbeing outcomes for young people.

How do I apply for a youth program grant?

The grants are now closed and reopen in 2020. $85,000 per annum per estate will be available for a 3 year term.